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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension program is a self-paced program for students in 2nd grade and up and is structured with extensive work in English vocabulary, grammar, language arts, reading comprehension, and OCCT test taking skills.


The Gideon math program is a return to the classical way of achieving mastery of calculation skills. It accomplishes this using daily, disciplined practice with pencil, paper, and the finest computer of all, the human brain.

WELCOME to Gideon Math & Reading Center.   We provide an accelerated, supplemental after-school program in reading and math designed to provide mastery learning in both math and reading comprehension. We have combined working in an individualized, self-paced program with the goal of our students working and staying well above grade level.  Building confidence and developing focus step-by-step, Gideon centers create a solid foundation for all children.


After your child's starting point is determined, she will attend the center once or twice a week for class and take work to be completed at home, much like practicing a sport or instrument. A few minutes of disciplined study each day really pays off. Our goal is to develop independent learning skills in preparation for middle school and high school.  This preparation starts with showing the child the possibilities for obtaining academic success. Our purpose is to provide children of all abilities the opportunity to attain proficiency and confidence in math and reading.  


Remember that Gideon Math and Reading is not just for children who struggle in school. Many students who attend our centers are already at the top of their class. Gideon is a place for those achievers to excel even more. Advancing to above grade level work is quite common at our Gideon center.


Parental involvement is essential for success in Gideon. Children need encouragement at home to make sure the work is completed. Together we can all help your children get to the top of their class.




Learning to Read

Learning to Read primarily utilizes a phonetic approach. It is vitally important that the child become able to decode words rapidly with meaning. Research shows that understanding the relationship between letters and sounds is fundamental in learning to read.